Childhood Obesity Prevention Webinar Series

by HCC

Childhood Obesity Prevention Webinar SeriesThe HCC is pleased to announce the first Childhood Obesity Prevention Webinar Series in support of the Civil Society Action Plan 2017-2021: Preventing Childhood Obesity in the Caribbean titled “Building Advocacy Capacity for Childhood Obesity Prevention in CARICOM”.

This Childhood Obesity Prevention Webinar Series consists of webinars intended to build the capacity of civil society organisations (CSO’s) and other key stakeholders advocating for and implementing childhood obesity prevention policies in the region. The series highlights policies that encourage the creation of healthier food environments including healthy school policies, front-of-package warning labels and taxation on sugar-sweetened beverages.

The series also aims to build advocacy capacity for the promotion of physical activity among children and adolescents through the creation of active communities and countries. The webinars will showcase the experiences and lessons learned from obesity prevention advocates and highlight good practices in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies aimed at reducing childhood obesity and overweight in the Caribbean.

The first webinar took place on On April 25th, 2019 and it laid the groundwork for a new regional childhood obesity prevention storyline which recognises that obesity:

  • Must be tackled using a whole-of-society approach since its drivers are multifaceted;
  • Is driven by exposure to obesogenic environments and is not the fault of individuals;
  • Must be addressed though policies that consider the physical and social drivers of obesity, including inequalities, amongst children; and
  • Is a chronic illness requiring prevention and management.

The second webinar Pushing and Pulling: The Caribbean Experience Moving Towards Front-Of-Package Nutrition Labels, took place on Friday 21st June, 2019.

The third webinar Exploring The Pursuit of Effective Public Health Policies Through A Trade Lens, takes place on Thursday, January 30th, 2020.

Individual webinar details will be released as the series progresses.

All webinars are facilitated by UWI Open Campus using Blackboard Collaborate.

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