Healthy Caribbean Youth (HCY)

by HCC

About The Healthy Caribbean Youth (HCY)

HCY is the youth arm of the Healthy Caribbean Coalition, is a trans-regional group of young enterprising health advocates with various backgrounds who are passionate about promoting good health and supportive environments for children and youth.

The goal of HCY is to empower young Caribbean people to become future leaders in the Non-communicable disease (NCD) movement.

Our work is guided by three pillars Advocacy, Network and Capacity Building.

We advocate so that our messages about prioritizing healthy environments, especially in the Caribbean region, reach far and wide. We network to grow and strengthen our coalition of youth voices and learn from the experiences of other youth advocates from across the globe.  We engage in capacity building activities so that we can feel comfortable and confident in the advocacy spaces we occupy.

Our History

The Healthy Caribbean Coalition has always prioritized the youth voice, even before HCY was officially launched in October 2020. Youth play an integral role in the whole of society approach needed to tackle the world’s issues, including the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases. The HCC has always sought the youth perspective and ensured that they are meaningfully involved in relevant resource development and that they are given the space to raise their voices. The HCC has provided mentorship and capacity building opportunities through volunteering, internships and job opportunities which assist young people in developing knowledge and skills across the spectrum of NCD prevention and control and providing them with opportunities to become engage in the NCD advocacy space. See our history timeline here.


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