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Youth Tobacco Advocacy Portal
Youth Tobacco Advocacy Portal

Welcome to the Healthy Caribbean Coalition’s Youth Tobacco Advocacy Portal

Globally more than 8 million deaths are attributed to tobacco use annually

This includes smoked and chewing tobacco use, along with second-hand exposure to tobacco.[1]

Youth Tobacco Advocacy Portal

What percentage of youth are using tobacco in the Caribbean?

  • According to the Report on Tobacco Control in the Region of the Americas (2018) Caribbean countries have the highest levels of tobacco experimentation before the age of 10.
  • Among the Americas, the Caribbean has the second highest prevalence of current tobacco use at 14.4%, above the regional average of 11.5%.[2]
  • According to the Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS) Trinidad and Tobago has the highest rates of e-cigarette use at 17.2%.[3]
The Healthy Caribbean Coalition developed this portal to monitor tobacco use among Caribbean adolescents and tobacco control policies and campaigns that protect youth. This site also provides resources for youth advocates who want to fight back against the tobacco industry.

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Youth Tobacco Use Data

Find statistics on tobacco use among Caribbean Youths

Tobacco Control Policies Protecting Youth

Mapping of tobacco control policies across the Caribbean that protect youths.

Tobacco Advocacy Resources for Youth

Use these free resources to enhance your advocacy work.

Caribbean Tobacco Control Campaigns and Initiatives

Find information about tobacco control initiatives in the Caribbean

Information correct as at December 2021

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