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Tobacco Advocacy Resources for Youth
Free Training Courses

Taking Down Tobacco

Taking Down Tobacco

  • This website provides free online courses for youth to get the knowledge, skills and tools needed to fight tobacco use in their communities.
  • It provides skills-based training, from introductory to advanced topics, to aid young leaders in advocating against tobacco.
Taking Down Tobacco

Take Down Tobacco Activities Database

Take Down Tobacco

FDA/Scholastic- The Real Cost of Vaping

Real cost of vaping

CDC Best Practices Guide for Youth Engagement

CDC Best Practices Guide for Youth Engagement

  • This document provides information for program managers on the best practices for engaging youth as a part of a comprehensive tobacco control program.
  • It addresses several tobacco control focus areas including coalitions, youth engagement, pricing policies, policy advocacy, and health equity.

Advocacy Action Guide

Tobacco Free Kids Advocacy Action Guide

  • This guide provides an overview of a policy advocacy campaign and helps advocates identify clear policies objectives.

Media Advocacy Action Guide

Tobacco Free Kids Public Health Media Advocacy Action Guide

  • This guide is intended to help advocates and civil society organization plan and conduct effective media advocacy campaigns.


CDC- Electronic Cigarettes Overview

  • This website contains fact sheets about electronic cigarette smoking and the related health risks

Smoke Free Teen & Smokefreeteen

  • This resource offers free tools to help individuals quit smoking, with specific sections for teens and women.

Youth Advocates Against Tobacco

Rising in their power: A showcase of young leaders changing policies around the globe.

Watch Caribbean Youth Advocates Danielle Walwyn and Pierre Cooke Jr. along with others discuss advocating for healthy food policies and tobacco control.

Fighting for Change: 2021 Youth Advocates of the Year Awards

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