HCC First Webinar – The Need for Alcohol Policy in the Caribbean

by HCC

Healthy Caribbean in partnership with CARIAD present the First CARIBAPAN ‘The Need for Alcohol Policy in the Caribbean’

Took place on Tuesday October 7th 2014.

Presented by Dr. Jürgen Rehm

Dr. Jürgen Rehm is Director of the Social and Epidemiological Research (SER) Department at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto. He is also Scientist and Head of the Population Health Research Group within SER. Dr. Rehm is a Professor and Chair of Addiction Policy in the Dalla Lana School Public Health at the University of Toronto. He is also Head of the Epidemiological Research Unit, Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, at the Dresden University of Technology, in Dresden, Germany.


The use of alcohol is integrated in the Caribbean culture. Normal alcohol drinking patterns, including regular binge drinking, are associated with increased risk of alcohol-related harm. This webinar, “The Need for Alcohol Policy in the Caribbean”, reviews the most recent data on the impact of alcohol on health in the Caribbean, and discusses the evidence-based harm reduction policies and interventions that have been successful in reducing alcohol-related harm globally. Participants will gain an appreciation of the extent of alcohol as a risk factor for chronic disease and injury, and will discuss the need for alcohol harm reduction and prevention strategies targeting the entire population. The need for alcohol policy in the Caribbean will be clearly established.

Dr. Rehm’s presentation was packed with data highlighting the urgent need for alcohol policy development in the Caribbean.

Webinar slides are also available here.