Youth4NCDs Initiative Launched

by HCC

Join Youth4NCDs

Join Youth4NCDs Young people have the power to influence real change.

The HCC is launching Youth4NCDs – an online advocacy movement for young people living with, affected by and passionate about NCDs. Through this platform we hope to provide a safe space for young people to share their experiences and their vision for the future. It will provide a platform for young champions to contribute meaningfully to the NCD discourse; shaping Caribbean perspectives and priorities around health and influencing the development of policies and programmes tramadol buy with cod that have a direct impact on young people.

If you are interested contact us here and tell us more about yourself.

Watch Shawn & Krystal talk about Youth4NCDs here.

This platform is for YOU to make your voice heard about all of the issues that impact you.

Join Youth4NCDs – Inspire and Be Inspired.