Caribbean Civil Society NCD ADVOCACY PLAN

by HCC

Civil Society NCD ADVOCACY PLANThe Regional Civil Society NCD Advocacy Plan is an initiative of the Healthy Caribbean Coalition (HCC) under the NCD Alliance/Medtronic Philanthropy Grant funded project “Strengthening Health Systems, Supporting NCD Action“. The grant supports this NCDA programme aimed at strengthening national and regional civil society NCD advocacy efforts in Brazil, South Africa and key Caribbean Community Countries (CARICOM) to raise tramadol no prescription saturday delivery demand and advocate to governments to strengthen health systems through an integrated approach to action on NCDs.
Civil Society NCD Advocacy Plan Report

The deliverables of the grant include:

hosting a multi-stakeholder NCD meeting

production of a Civil Society NCD Regional Status Report

production and implementation of a Civil Society Advocacy Plan and

hosting of a health systems strengthening multi-stakeholder meeting

Read the NCD Advocacy Plan here.