Caribbean Cervical Cancer E-Petition Infographic

by HCC

This Cervical Cancer E-Petition Infographic represents the final data from the Caribbean Cervical Cancer e-petition (CCCEP).

Under the banner of ‘End Cervical Cancer Now‘, the CCCEP campaign was created to raise awareness of cervical cancer, the HPV vaccination and to lobby the heads of Caribbean Governments to  ‘Increase Caribbean women’s access to affordable Cervical Cancer screening‘

It ran from June 2013 until January 2015 gathering 18,558 signatures from across the region and beyond.

Caribbean Cervical Cancer E-Petition data.

Cervical Cancer E-Petition Infographic

With the help of the American Cancer Society and Sagicor Life Inc. HCC lead a series of regional cervical cancer advocacy initiatives to raise the profile of Cervical Cancer and it’s prevention. Read more