3rd Caribbean Alcohol Reduction Day (CARD) 2018

by HCC

CARD 2018On Thursday November 29th the HCC with the support of partners PAHO, CARPHA, CARICOM Secretariat and the UWI Open Campus, will host the 3rd Annual Caribbean Alcohol Reduction Day.

Youth: Let’s Talk About Alcohol

The Third Annual Caribbean Alcohol Reduction Day Concept Note.

One of the key events in support of CARD 2018 was the hosting of a webinar. The webinar featured global and regional experts who discussed patterns and drivers of alcohol consumption among youth and explored policy options to reduce the harmful use of alcohol within this group.


  • Youth drinking in the Americas: where we are and what can we do?  – Dr. Maristela Monteiro, Senior Advisor Alcohol and Substance Abuse, PAHO view/download
  • Youth and Alcohol Advertising – A brief review – Dr. Rohan Maharaj, HCC Alcohol Policy Advisor; Senior Lecturer, UWI view/download
  • Let’s Talk About Alcohol – Perspectives from Young People – Krystal Boyea, NCD Youth Advocate view/download

Webinar Concept Note

Webinar Recording

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Youth and Alcohol Myths
Youth and Alcohol Don't Mix


Know the Facts
Your Kids and Alcohol

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CARD 2018 TALK to your kids
CARD 2018 SHARE with your parents
CARD 2018 Long term effects of drinking alcohol
CARD 2018 the global burden of disease
CARD 2018 the English speaking Caribbean
CARD 2018 Myths and misconceptions
No Level of Alcohol Consumption is Safe
CARD 2018 Youth and alcohol don't mix
CARD 2018 heavy drinking

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Objectives of CARD 2018

  1. Increase public and policymaker awareness about the levels of youth alcohol consumption and the associated short- and long-term harms.
  2. Initiate a parental influencer campaign which calls on parents and guardians to actively participate in alcohol reduction in the youth by:
    • Speaking to young people about alcohol and its dangers.
    • Reducing availability and acceptability of alcohol use in the home.
    • Engaging discussion around the drinking culture and associated pressures.
    • Acting as guides to help young people understand and process alcohol advertising around them.
  3. Sensitise the public about the new WHO SAFER alcohol control initiative to prevent and reduce alcohol-related death and disability and the Global Status report on alcohol and health in 2018.
  4. Call on Policy makers to implement specific policies to reduce alcohol consumption among young people (WHO Best Buys).
    1. Increase excise taxes on alcoholic beverages.
    2. Enact and enforce bans or comprehensive restrictions on exposure to alcohol advertising (across multiple types of media).
    3. Reducing alcohol availability in community setting by more strictly regulating alcohol distribution licenses especially around youth-oriented events.
    4. Work towards a minimum pricing of alcohol across Caribbean communities.

The HCC and partners have held an annual Caribbean Alcohol Reduction Days (CARD) since 2016 you can find details of the other CARD days here.