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Climate Change, NCDs & SIDS

Climate Change, NCDs & SIDS

In the first of a series of occasional papers on NCD prevention and control the HCC examines Climate Change, NCDs & SIDS.

Reducing Non-Communicable Disease in SIDS through Climate Preservation. Chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and chronic lung disease account for some 7 out of every 10 deaths in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) including those of the Caribbean. This results in the expenditure of approximately 60% of health budgets in nearly all Caribbean countries. Read more

HCC Request for Proposals for Small Grants for Civil Society to contribute to Health Systems Strengthening

HCC Request for Proposals for Small Grants In October 2014, with funding from the NCD Alliance and Medtronic Philanthropy, the HCC held a meeting in Dominica (CSO - Health Systems Strengthening Meeting 2014) which brought together stakeholders from civil society, the public health sector and the private sector to encourage a greater understanding of what health systems strengthening (HSS) means in the Caribbean and provide a platform for evidence-informed CSO-led NCD advocacy within the context of HSS. One of the key successes of the meeting was the production of a CSO Statement of Commitment on Health Systems Strengthening which was signed by thirty-one regional health NGOs.

To facilitate meaningful civil society led advocacy in the area of Health Systems Strengthening, the members of the HCC developed this framework for action.  This framework for action or ‘Statement of Commitment’ is based on the WHO 6 building blocks of HSS and was developed through a series of consultations with civil society.  The commitments of CSOs at the national and regional level seek to address gaps and weaknesses in health systems as identified in the RSR NCD Status Report and through consultations with key multisectoral stakeholders in the region.  To read the Statement of Commitment and see the signatories click here.

This RFP for two (2) small grants to support two (2) civil society organisations in the implementation of small projects supportive of action items identified in the HCC CSO Statement of Commitment on Health Systems Strengthening. Each grant is valued at $2,500.00 USD. Read more

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The Healthy Caribbean Coalition

The Healthy Caribbean Coalition is a civil society alliance to combat chronic diseases. The alliance was established following a Caribbean civil society led conference on chronic diseases, entitled Healthy Caribbean 2008 - a wellness revolution conference. read more

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