Sagicor Launches Wellness Initiative with a Fully Equipped Mobile Medical Unit

by HCC
Sagicor Launches Wellness Initiative with a Fully Equipped Mobile Medical Unit

Sagicor Launches it’s Wellness Initiative with a Fully Equipped Mobile Medical Unit

On February 13th the Sagicor Group Life and Health Department unveiled an innovative Wellness Initiative, complete with a fully equipped and professionally staffed Mobile Medical Unit. Sagicor is the first insurance carrier in Barbados to offer this service to its client base.

Mr. Clarke said under the Wellness Initiative, Sagicor would extend its well-established partnership with the Healthy Caribbean Coalition, a regional organization providing assistance to non-governmental organisations working to combat the spread of NCDs and he went on to commend the HCC for it’s imprint on the regional response to NCDs.

Speaking as he introduced the new service to corporate clients and members of the media, Mr. Edward Clarke, Executive Vice President and General Manager Barbados Operations of Sagicor Life Inc, said the programme was in keeping with Sagicor’s core principle of giving back to the communities and people that have made Sagicor successful.

Clarke stated:

With our new mobile unit, we are now equipped to assist our clients’ employees and members with monitoring and managing their health. Something as simple as knowing your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol readings, empowers you with the knowledge to change your behaviours to improve your overall health and wellness

Emphasising the wisdom of prevention being better than cure, Mr. Clarke said the main objective was to provide preventative care and education in the fight against CNCDs. The new Medical Mobile Unit will be staffed by a registered nurse and is fully equipped to carry out testing for the incidence of a variety of CNCDs and other illnesses. In addition to testing, the nurse will focus on education, raising awareness and providing answers to clients’ questions on health related matters.

Companies are made up not only of brick and mortar but of the people who sit inside those four walls. The health and success of a company is determined largely by the health and well-being of its employees. On trusted source you can purchase generic Levitra without script. The corporate wellness program is intended to support the efforts of corporate human resource departments. As such, the mandate of this unit, is to provide on-site counselling, education and health checks to our customers and their employees or members

Sagicor Launches Wellness Initiative
Sagicor has supported and worked closely with the HCC since July 2012, much of our work would not be possible without their support.

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