Prevent20 Global Cancer Coalition

by HCC

Prevent20Prevent20 is a global coalition of cancer groups calling on governments to raise tobacco taxes, the single most effective tobacco control intervention. The movement’s name is in recognition of the more than 20% of all cancer deaths that are attributable to tobacco use – and completely avoidable.

It promotes tobacco taxes as a powerful solution for large-scale tobacco use prevention. It educates and activates cancer advocates to persuade their country governments to take up smart tax policy as a critical cancer prevention tool.

The Prevent20 team brings together a dynamic group of technical, advocacy and communications experts to offer tobacco taxation support and guidance to the cancer community as we unite together to Prevent20.

The HCC is working with the American Cancer Society’s Global Prevent20 initiative to mobilise Caribbean Cancer societies around tobacco control.

Barbara McGaw, regional leader in tobacco control advocacy and HCC’s Tobacco Control Advisor as well as the volunteer Tobacco Advisor at the Jamaica Coalition for Tobacco Control (JCTC), is leading this effort in the region.

Eight Cancer Societies have joined the initiative including:

See all organisations that have joined Prevent20 here.

We continue encourage cancer societies across the region to join this global movement, with the aim of at least one cancer CSO per CARICOM country. Smoking prevalence among 13-15 year olds in the Caribbean is the highest in all of the Americas. Young people are heavily influenced by price. Cancer organizations have powerful and trusted voices to spread a simple message – Tobacco taxation works. When prices increase, tobacco products become less affordable and people smoke less.

Cancer societies who join Prevent20 will:

  • learn about the benefits of tobacco taxation in plain, non-technical language;
  • learn how to use persuasive arguments to counter tobacco industry claims;
  • leverage the experience of colleagues in the cancer community;
  • see how taxation can contribute to attaining global NCD reduction targets.

If your organisation is interested please contact us.

See who’s involved globally so far, organisations from around the world are members of Prevent20 and the list is growing every week.


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