Cervical Cancer – Useful Resources

by HCC

CERVICAL CANCER – USEFUL RESOURCESPutting Cervical Cancer on the Agenda in Uganda – Dan Murokora MD Ob/Gyne view/download
WHO – Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Control – A guide to essential practice view/download
WHO guidelines – Use of cryotherapy for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia view/download
WHO – Prevention of cervical cancer through screening using visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) and treatment with cryotherapy view/download
WHO technical specifications – Cryosurgical equipment for the treatment of precancerous cervical lesions and prevention of cervical cancer view/download
WHO – Guidance Note- Comprehensive cervical cancer prevention and control:a healthier future for girls and women view/download
WHO – Strategy to Prevent Cervical Cancer view/download
HPV Vaccination Conceptual Perspectives From The Caribbean – Beryl Irons Medical Epidemiologist FCH-IM, CAREC/PAHO/WHO view/download
Cervical Cancer Burden In The Region Of The Americas view/download
CCA – Coalition Building: A Cornerstone of National Advocacy, Policymaking and Effective Cervical Cancer Prevention Programs view/download
CCA – Progress in Cervical Cancer Prevention: The CCA Report Card view/download
CCA – Strategies for HPV Vaccination in the Developing World view/download
Women Deliver – Delivering Cervical Cancer Prevention In The Developing World view/download
UNFPA – Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control Programme Guidance for Countries view/download
FIGO – Global Guidance For Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control October 2009 view/download
How Can We Prevent Cervical Cancer – Peru MOH view/download
The link between cervical cancer and HPV (human papillomavirus) view/download
Advocating for cervical cancer prevention – International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics view/download
PATH Outlook – Progress in preventing cervical cancer: Updated evidence on vaccination and screening view/download
Non-Communicable Diseases In The Americas: Building A Healthier Future view/download
PAHO – Cervical Cancer Prevention And Control Programs: A Rapid Assessment In 12 Countries Of Latin America view/download
PATH – Cervical Cancer Prevention Initiatives At PATH – Two decades of progress toward a world free of HPV-related cancers view/download
PAHO – Regional Strategy And Plan Of Action For Cervical Cancer Prevention And Control In Latin America And The Caribbean view/download
HPV And Cervical Cancer Resources Available On The Internet view/download
PAHO – A Situational Analysis of Cervical Cancer Latin America & the Caribbean view/download
PAHO – Workshop On Cervical Cancer Prevention Strategies Using Via Screening And Cryotherapy Treatment view/download
UICC – Early Detection and Screening for Cervical Cancer view/download
UNIFEM – Preventing cervical cancer: the imperative of women’s right to health view/download
WHO – Report of the HPV Vaccine Delivery Meeting Identifying Needs for Implementation & Research view/download
WHO – Strengthening cervical cancer prevention and control view/download
WHO – Cancer Control Knowledge into Action – WHO Guide for Effective Programmes view/download
WHO/ICO – Human Papillomavirus and Related Cancers view/download
PAHO – Cervical cancer in the Americas view/download