Capacity Building Workshop in Barbados

by HCC

The CDB grant funded CSO capacity building workshop for both Breastfeeding and Child Nutrition Foundation Barbados (BCNF) and the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados (HSFB) participants took place 11-13 December 2017 in Bridgetown, Barbados.

Facilitated by an HCC consultant, the workshop included presentations by the consultant that included hyperlinks to key documents and interactive tools, which were used to demonstrate important concepts and frameworks; completion of worksheets by the participants; and participants’ presentation and discussion of the outputs of their work sessions. The workshop resulted not only in improvement of participants’ knowledge and skills related to the areas of focus, but also in the development of outlines of the narrative, objectives, key activities, indicative budget, analysis of risks, and monitoring and evaluation framework for the draft Action Plans, using the Logical Framework Approach and development of a Logical Framework Matrix.

The process to further develop and refine the CSOs’ draft Action Plans will continue, in preparation for a one-day regional consultation scheduled for the first quarter of 2018, where the draft Plans will be finalised. The implementation of the Plans over a five- to six-month period, and evaluation of the actions taken, are integral aspects of the HCC-CDB project, and will set the stage for further activities by the HCC secretariat, CSOs, and key partners, including government and private sector entities as appropriate, in the prevention of childhood obesity in the Caribbean.