Capacity and Information Needs Assessment Report

by HCC

Capacity and Information

Capacity and Information Needs Assessment of Healthy Caribbean Coalition Civil Society Organisation Members Working in the Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases.

The Report provides a detailed assessment of the capacity needs of HCC CSO members working in health with a focus on NCDs, and highlights areas for capacity development, collaboration, and resource mobilisation; and identifies the public health NCD information needs and priorities of CSOs in the Caribbean.

Capacity and Information Needs ReportThe findings of the assessment will among other things, be used to: build capacity among the Caribbean CSOS based on identified capacity and information gaps making them fit for purpose and better positioned to contribute to the multisectoral approach to NCD prevention and control; and strengthen CSO health information systems to inform better decision making around service delivery and advocacy efforts.

The assessment was undertaken in partnership with the NCD Alliance, Medtronic Philanthropy, and the United Kingdom Health Forum (UKHF).

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