The Organisational Wellness Action Planning and Social Impact (OWAPSI) Tool

by HCC

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In order to support holistic (multidimensional) workplace health and wellness, the HCC in partnership with The University of the West Indies (Cave Hill Campus, Barbados) and Sagicor Life Inc. (Barbados), and with support from the NCD Alliance, has developed the OWAPSI Tool for Workplaces. This action planning and social impact tool, which was developed with Caribbean workplaces in mind, aims to help all organisational members to adequately identify key priorities, goals, actions and resources essential to the management and enhancement of their overall health and wellness in the workplace context.

the OWAPSI tool

The Organisational Wellness Action Planning and Social Impact (OWAPSI) Tool is an essential and holistic workplace wellness planning tool for supporting employers and their management representatives across diverse organisational contexts in developing practical, sustainable and socially impactful wellness programmes for their workforces and wider societal stakeholder communities.

Included within the tool are two additional resources, a Guide to the OWSAPI Tool and an Example of a Completed Tool.

The Tool targets both employers and their workforces across diverse sectors. The management and enhancement of workplace wellness is a shared responsibility of employers and their workforce and requires a structured, proactive and collaborative approach from all members of the organisation, built on trust and sustained action.

There are immeasurable gains to be derived from the implementation of appropriately tailored workplace wellness programmes. The OWAPSI tool creates opportunities for employers to work closely and collaboratively with both internal and external stakeholders of their organisations to bring to life practical, sustainable and impactful workplace wellness programmes.

The HCC continually advocates for and promotes several principles and values essential to their health advocacy work, inclusive of empowerment of people, equity, inclusive partnerships, accountability, independence, transparency and integrity, simplicity and flexibility, innovation, and action.

You can also visit the HCC’s Healthy Workplaces in the Caribbean web portal, which will document and share established and emerging good practices in workplace wellness across the Caribbean. This best practices portal will provide a platform for showcasing private sector action in NCD inward (workplace wellness/ healthy workforces) and outward (supporting NCD prevention and control through core business products and services) facing programmes.

Healthy Workplaces in the Caribbean web portal