The Global Standardized Hypertension Treatment Project (GSHTP) Barbados Pilot

by HCC

Top: “Meeting of the Minds” Developing the Global Standardized Hypertension Treatment Project Framework Workshop March 2013 Panel of experts; Bottom left: Project PI, Dr. Kenneth Connell leading MasterClass Training; Bottom right: Project PI, Dr. Kenneth Connell and CDC Project Principal Investigator, Dr. Pragna Patel in Barbados for 1st Site Visit

In recognition of the immense global health burden caused by high blood pressure, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization and other stakeholders, have launched The Global Standardized Hypertension Treatment Project (GSHTP). Barbados has been selected as the first country for a demonstration pilot project of the GSHTP.

The pilot project is aimed at improved control of hypertensive patients (attending one or more Polyclinics) in Barbados applying approaches determined at Global Hypertension Standardized Treatment Workshop, Miami, 2013. The key outcome of this pilot is the development of a sustainable model for the control of hypertension that other countries regionally and globally can apply to their healthcare systems.

The local implementing institutions are the Barbados Ministry of Health and the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Cave Hill Campus, University of the West Indies. The Principal Investigator is Dr Kenneth Connell, Lecturer, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Cave Hill Campus, University of the West Indies. Local project oversight buy cheap tramadol buy cod (local) will be provided by: Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Health; Dr Kenneth George, Senior Medical Officer of Health (NCDs) Ministry of Health; Dr Elizabeth Ferdinand, Senior Medical Oficer, Ministry of Health; Ms. Maryam Hinds, Director Barbados Drug Service; and Sir Trevor Hassell, President, Healthy Caribbean Coalition and Chairman, NCD Commission. Additional operational inputs will be provided by: Senior Physicians at demonstration Polyclinics, and Mrs Denise Carter Taylor, Senior Health Promotion Officer Ministry of Health. International project oversight (international and regional) will be provided by: Dr Sonia Angell, CDC; Dr Pragna Patel, CDC; Dr Marc Jaffe, Kaiser Permanente, Consultant; and a representative from CARPHA. The Healthy Caribbean Coalition is the grant manager.

The GSHTP Barbados pilot officially started on April 1st 2014 and the project is currently in its pre-implementation phase. This phase includes baseline data collection and healthcare provider training.

The following are key achievements thus far:

  • CDC Start up Site Visit by Dr. Pragna Patel
  • Development of draft Project SOPs and tools and databases
  • Hypertension Master Class 1 – Parts I and II
  • Data collection for baseline underway

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