Conflicts of Interest Related to Alcohol Policy

by HCC

Healthy Caribbean in partnership with CARIAD presents the 3rd CARIBAPAN Webinar – Conflicts of Interest Related to Alcohol Policy: What Can be Done?

Thursday May 14th 2014

Presented by Dr Maristela G. Monteiro

Dr Maristela G. Monteiro is the senior advisor on alcohol and substance abuse at the Pan American Health buy tramadol usa Organization (PAHO)/World Health Organization Regional office for the Americas since the end of 2013, after nearly 10 years at the Program on Substance Abuse at the World Health Organization in Geneva. She is a medical doctor with a PhD in Psychopharmacology, from the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil. Dr Monteiro is currently responsible for alcohol policy, alcohol research and capacity building activities related to alcohol, including the implementation of the regional plan of action on reducing harmful use of alcohol. Dr. Monteiro is the author of over 140 publications in scientific journals and book chapters.

Slides from the webinar are available here.