The Alliance for Health Actions (AHA) St. Kitts & Nevis

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The Alliance for Health Actions (AHA) St. Kitts & Nevis
Commission Profile
Status as at June 2019Inactive
CountrySt. Kitts & Nevis
NameThe Alliance for Health Actions (AHA)
Date of first meetingMay 29, 2014
Date of last meeting-
Number of meetings over past 12 monthsMeetings were held twice each quarter in 2014 and quarterly from January 2015 onwards
Chairperson’s nameMs. Chereca Weaver
Organisational affiliation-
Duration of tenure-
Legal authority/reference-
Mandate/Scope of work
  • To facilitate and monitor the implementation of the NCD Policy and Plan across sectors, in communities and civil society.
  • To provide a multi-sectorial mechanism for collaboration, dialogue and networking, resource mobilization, performance monitoring and evaluation and health communication.
  • To position NCDs high on the National agenda by increasing the level of awareness amongst decision makers and the general public, mobilizing and scaling up the efforts that civil society undertake individually and collectively to prevent NCDs.
  • To make recommendations to the Ministers of Health and civil society on policy options and advocate for policy issues related to lifestyle behaviour modification for the prevention and control of NCDs.
  • To identify and promote the use of evidence-based strategies and support and expand health initiatives for NCD related issues.
  • To advocate and engage stakeholders to conduct relevant research and submit project proposals.
Terms of referenceYes
Conflict of interest policyNo
Code of ethicsNo
Standard operating proceduresNo
NNCDC strategic plan/plan of actionNo
Decision-making process (consensus, majority, other)-
Membership and Personnel4 ex-officio, 9 members; Appointed for a period of 2 years
Government sector membership and level of representationSt. Kitts and Nevis Information Service, Ministry for Security, and Department for Youth Empowerment.
Civil society membership and level of representationHealth NGOs, Youth groups and Fitness Groups
Private sector membership and level of representationPrivate Health sector
Ex officio membersChief Medical Officer; NCD Coordinator (St. Kitts); Disease Prevention and Health Education Officer (Nevis); Nutritionist (St Kitts).
Secretariat exists? If so, please give date of establishmentNo
Full-time human resources/functionsNo
Part-time human resources/functionsThere are opportunities to seek human resources from local entities but at this time our human resources are predominantly centred on the membership of AHA, including Ex-officio members.
Main functions (advisory, accountability, strategic planning, project/programme implementation, other)-
Main areas of interventions for NCDs and NCD risk factors-
Other health issues that the NCD/Wellness Commission /Wellness Coordinating Mechanism addresses-
  • Is there integration – structural or functional, with other health-related Commissions, such as HIV Commissions?
  • If so, to what extent? Fully? To a large extent? To some extent?
Framework(s) of reference (national policy, strategy or plan; international plans/strategies)-
Focus of interventions (legislation, taxation, policy development, project/programme development, project/programme implementation, capacity building, surveillance, monitoring and evaluation, other)-
Work groups/subcommittees/task forces and their functions-
Accountability mechanisms (periodicity of monitoring, evaluation, reporting, and to whom; financial accountability mechanisms)There is no Annual Report. However the AHA submits activity reports to the Minister of Health.
Main successes
  • The securing of technical support and resources to host the August 2014 Symposium with the expressed aim of training members of the Alliance and in reviewing the Terms of Reference
  • The preparation and submission of a Research Concept Paper and Program Plan entitled “Youth With Healthy Minds and Bodies,” to regional and international bodies, in collaboration with the Department of Youth Empowerment.
  • Working closely with the Ministry of Health and its collaboration with the Healthy Caribbean Coalition in the execution of the National Faith Based Organization Conference in October 2014
Success factors-
  • Were there any successes due mainly to the participation of non-health sectors in the Commission?
  • If yes, please summarize, highlighting the role played by the non-health sector(s)
Main challenges
  • The need for clarity and further training for the AHA Membership; training in the responsibilities of the body, daily running’s and execution techniques of a country coordinating mechanism
  • Clarifying for all members what an Action Plan is and how it informs our work, in addition to the scope of our work and what is beyond our scope
  • Guidelines for the development and oversight of necessary documents; and editing of existing documents to ensure that they meet the required standards locally and regionally
  • Attendance and commitment of all AHA Members
  • Filling of the vacant positions on the team (Executive Assistant and migrated member)
How were these challenges overcome? Specifically:
  • Did changes in administration disrupt the Commission’s functioning?
  • If yes, what were these changes and their effects?
  • If no, how was continuity of function maintained? What steps were taken?
Partnerships, technical cooperation (TC) – please summarize partners and relevant TC areasNone
Main source(s) of funding and approximate percentage of funding from each sourceThe Ministry of Health presented a budget to cabinet for the AHA covering basic expenses such as office supplies, communication costs and an honorarium
Indicative annual budget (USD)None
Resource mobilisation, main areasNone
Mechanisms for sustainabilityNone
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