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Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) Childhood Obesity Prevention (COP) Project – September 2018

Heart & Stroke Foundation of BarbadosSpecific Project Outcome: Advocacy for a policy  to  ban  the  provision  and/or  sale  of  sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs)  in  and  around  schools in Barbados.

Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados (HSFB) COP Project Highlights

Earned and social media was used  to advocate for banning SSBs in and around schools

Stop Sugar Coating the Truth Campaign

Example of promotional materials used in the “Stop Sugar Coating the Truth” Campaign

Community outreach interventions were highlighted and undertaken to showcase best practices

    • Several schools were identified as model schools including: Reynold Weekes due to its health promoting activities such as the Legacy Health Club and The Ursuline Convent due to its stance to partially ban SSBs within the schools. The Albert Cecil Graham Development Centre also agreed to participate in the campaign.
    • Building capacity of HSFB youth advocates Daniel Alleyne and Ashley Lashley:
Daniel Alleyne

Daniel Alleyne at the World Health Assembly 2018

Ashley Lashley

Ashley Lashley (Miss World Barbados 2018)

Establishment of a National CSO Coalition for Childhood Obesity Prevention initiated

      • Individual meetings were held with the President of the Diabetes Association of Barbados, the President of the BCNF and the clinical Director of the Barbados Diabetes Foundation.
      • On July 20th 2018 the HSFB in collaboration with the Healthy Caribbean Coalition and the Breast Feeding and Child Nutrition Foundation hosted a National Civil Society Workshop on Childhood Obesity. The outputs from the workshop included the formation of a National Coalition for Childhood Obesity Prevention.


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