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The Crane Resort have implemented a series of initiatives aimed at creating a healthy workplace which have been ongoing for more than 3 years. They have allocated a budget for healthy workplace initiatives but have not yet established a wellness committee. The Crane Resort believe that their Healthy Workplaces initiatves have been effective in improving employee health and wellbeing, because more staff are trying to eat healthier and exercise more often.Workplace Vision/Mission
To be one of the leading luxury private residence resorts in the Caribbean.Successes
Staff Wellness Day is very well attended.

Getting the support of exhibiting companies for the staff Wellness Day.

Corporate Community Responsibility
Supports the annual cancer walk, sponsorship of a local cricket club.

Healthy Workplace Programme – 16 key elements:


Occupational Safety and Health

There is an established and enforced Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Policy

Employers and employees are regularly made aware of the OSH Policy

Employers and employees are required to report breaches of OSH Policy

A mechanism is in place in your workplace that allows for reporting on and acting on occupational safety and health issues (accidents, illnesses)


Tobacco Use Cessation

There is an established and enforced policy making company buildings and parking lots tobacco/smoke-free

The company refuses to accept or promote sponsorship from tobacco companies, or companies affiliated to the tobacco industry

Cigarettes are available in general store for guests but sales to staff is restricted


Healthy eating

Information and resources on healthy diets (including the adverse effects of unhealthy diets such as those high in sugar, salt, cholesterol, saturated and trans fat; and the importance of reducing portion sizes) are visible and readily available in the workplace

There is easy to access safe drinking water (e.g. water coolers)

Lunches are provided for staff and these are restricted and include salad, cooked vegetables and must include a fish option with another meat


Breastfeeding Support

The company offers a private place that is comfortable, clean and equipped with a small refrigerator to allow mothers to express and store their milk during work hours


Physical Activity Enhancement

There are on-site fitness instructor led exercise classes

There are organised employee competitions, sporting events, sports teams and outdoor walking trails

The company offers memberships or discounts at local health clubs or recreation centers


Mental Health and Stress Management

The company has an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP is a professional counselling service for employees that may be experiencing emotional distress from personal or work-related problems

Employees are recognised for achievements in the workplace (e.g. rewards, certificates, positive feedback via meeting announcements)

There is monitoring of employee satisfaction (e.g. staff surveys)

There are regular employee communication opportunities (e.g. team meetings, one-to-one meetings)

There are ‘quiet spaces’ or gardens for employees to relax

There are opportunities for personal and professional development

There are moral boosting activities (e.g. employee lunches, birthday celebrations, sports teams)

Staff may be referred to hotel doctor if they are exhibiting unusual behavior


Alcohol Reduction

No policy in place


Disability in the Workplace

Facilities (e.g. ramps, suitably equipped washrooms etc.) are in place at your workplace for ease of use by those with disabilities


Return to Work for People Living with NCDs

No policy in place


Work-life Balance

Extended maternity leave

Work from home/ remote worksite location

Reduced or flexible hours


Screening and Treatment for NCDs

There is biometric screening – clinical data on body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and cholesterol level

There is cancer screening

There is a Health Risk Appraisal (HRA): a self-administered questionnaire to identify modifiable health risk such as smoking behaviour, physical inactivity, poor diet, and high stress levels

Workers have access to group health plans

Workers have access to group health plans

Workplace physician not on site


NCD prevention Information, Education and Resources

Information and resources about diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, asthma, and mental health are visible and readily available in the workplace

Health awareness days (e.g. World Health Day; Caribbean Wellness Day) are celebrated or employee health fairs are hosted


Healthy Living rewards or incentives



Multisectoral Partnerships

Involvement of health NGOs in Welllness Day activities


Monitoring and Evaluation

There is an assessment of worker use/participation in the healthy workplace initiative/workplace wellness programme


Community Volunteerism

The company has a formal relationship with local community groups (local CSOs or NGOs) or entities (ie. schools, elderly homes, hospitals etc.) which provides an opportunity for workers to volunteer outside of working hours

Not volunteerism but staff coordinate donations to schools and churches in the community and also facilitate use of facilities by groups

See below some images from the Crane Resort’s healthy workplace activities.

The Crane Resort
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