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CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank have allocated a budget and are just starting their Healthy Workplace Programme, including the following initiatives: Health competitions, challenges or games (e.g. fitness and weight loss challenges) and connecting participation to a cause (e.g. contribution to a charity).Workplace Vision/Mission
Vision: To be the leading financial services provider in the region, building enduring client relationships through trusted advice and superior service.
Mission: We live our values of Trust, Teamwork and Accountability, deliver superior performance and service, and generate sustainable benefits for all our stakeholders.
Assistance from the EAP,  LifeSpeak platform and Health Plan coverage.Challenges
Employee inertia to get initiatives started and to maintain continuity.

Corporate Community Responsibility
Support and monetary contribution to cancer research and treatment across the region.

Healthy Workplace Programme – 16 key elements:


Occupational Safety and Health

There is an established and enforced Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Policy

Employers and employees are required to report breaches of OSH Policy

A mechanism is in place in your workplace that allows for reporting on and acting on occupational safety and health issues (accidents, illnesses)


Tobacco Use Cessation

There is an established and enforced policy making company buildings and parking lots tobacco/smoke-free

The sale and advertisement of tobacco products is prohibited on worksite premises

The company insurance plan provides coverage for any or all of the following: tobacco cessation counseling, tobacco cessation prescription medication and nicotine replacement therapy

The company refuses to accept or promote sponsorship from tobacco companies, or companies affiliated to the tobacco industry


Healthy eating

Information and resources on healthy diets (including the adverse effects of unhealthy diets such as those high in sugar, salt, cholesterol, saturated and trans fat; and the importance of reducing portion sizes) are visible and readily available in the workplace

There is easy to access safe drinking water (e.g. water coolers)


Breastfeeding Support

No policy in place


Physical Activity Enhancement

There are organised employee competitions, sporting events, sports teams and outdoor walking trails


Mental Health and Stress Management

The company has an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP is a professional counselling service for employees that may be experiencing emotional distress from personal or work-related problems

Information and resources on mental health, resiliency and stress management are visible and readily available in the workplace

Employees are recognised for achievements in the workplace (e.g. rewards, certificates, positive feedback via meeting announcements)

There is monitoring of employee satisfaction (e.g. staff surveys)

There are regular employee communication opportunities (e.g. team meetings, one-to-one meetings)

There are opportunities for personal and professional development

There are moral boosting activities (e.g. employee lunches, birthday celebrations, sports teams)


Alcohol Reduction

No policy in place


Disability in the Workplace

There is an established and enforced policy which outlines provisions for workers with physical or developmental disabilities

Facilities (e.g. ramps, suitably equipped washrooms etc.) are in place at your workplace for ease of use by those with disabilities


Return to Work for People Living with NCDs

There is an established and enforced policy preventing discrimination against those returning to work after treatment for NCDs


Work-life Balance

Extended maternity leave

Paternity leave

Work from home/ remote worksite location


Screening and Treatment for NCDs

There is biometric screening – clinical data on body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and cholesterol level

Workers have access to group health plans


NCD prevention Information, Education and Resources

Information and resources about diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, asthma, and mental health are visible and readily available in the workplace.


Healthy Living rewards or incentives



Multisectoral Partnerships

The company is represented on a multisectoral NCD prevention and control coordination mechanism such as a National NCD Commission or Wellness Commission

Representatives of the company have participated in the design of the national NCD strategic plan or policy

The board of directors of the company includes members of the local community; and/ or civil society representatives; and/ or public sector representatives


Monitoring and Evaluation



Community Volunteerism

The company has a formal relationship with local community groups (local CSOs or NGOs) or entities (ie. schools, elderly homes, hospitals etc.) which provides an opportunity for workers to volunteer outside of working hours;The company has a formal relationship with local community groups (local CSOs or NGOs) or entities (ie. schools, elderly homes, hospitals etc.) which provides an opportunity for workers to volunteer during working hours

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