We Have the POWER, We Can Make a CHANGE

by HCC

We Have the POWER, We Can Make a CHANGE

What do you see when you think of the future?

We like to think of happy and healthy children that live in a world where it’s easy to make a healthy choice.

Unfortunately right now 1 in 3 Caribbean Children is overweight or obese and without effective policy this is projected to reach 50% by 2030.

As young people passionate about health we want to bring awareness to what can be done to protect the future…. US.

Specifically policy that can help create a healthy school environment.

A School environment that is..

Free of sweet drinks and the influence of the ultra processed food industry.

We need protection from the invasive and predatory marketing strategies of companies who use us, children and young people for their unhealthy products.

The research is indisputable, the over consumption of foods high in salt, sugar and fat is a major contributor to childhood obesity.

Would you want these type of foods to be marketed in schools or made easily accessible to us as children and young people, well would you?

So really what are we asking for?

A Healthy School Environment

On August 12th 2020, we celebrated International Youth Day, we continue to advocate for a healthy school environment.

As the youth of the region we are…

Calling upon all youth to take charge as stakeholders in their health and to use their voices and platforms to amplify these messages.

We are all calling on Governments and NGOs to ensure that we, young people, are engaged meaningfully at all stages of any action on the future of our health.

We have the POWER We can make a CHANGE

Let us UNITE for a healthy and safe future

Do this for us

Protect the School Environment Ban sweet beverages and restrict the marketing of unhealthy foods and beverages

Engage Youth Meaningfully


Take a look at our International Youth Day dedicated email blast here.