WHO recommends a comprehensive approach to prevention including implementation of key policies including: Taxation of SSBs; Regulation of Marketing to Children; Mandatory Front of Package Nutritional Labelling; and School Policies. The HCC CSAP Childhood Obesity Prevention Scorecard (COPS) has 15 indicators to measure a country's response to this emerging crisis.

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The Overall Indicator is Green if all countries have implemented a policy, Orange if some of the countries have implemented a policy and Red if no countries have implemented a policy.

  Not Implemented/Absent
  Partially Implemented/Under Development

 1 National NCD Commission or Equivalent
 2 HCC COP Initiative
 3 National policy, strategic plan or action plan on obesity

 4 Mandatory front-of-package nutrition labelling regulation

 5 Nutrition policy or guidelines for all schools
 6 Regulation banning the sale and marketing of SSBs and or all EDNP foods in and around all schools and provision of free drinking water

 7 Regulation banning the marketing of unhealthy foods to children

 8 Regulation banning trans fats (legislative limit on trans fat)
 9 Taxes on Sugary Drinks (sugar sweetened beverages - SSBs)
 10 Taxes on Energy Dense Nutrient Poor (EDNP) foods / unhealthy foods.
 11 Subsidies on local fruits and vegetables

 12 Implementation of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) in at least one local health facility
 13 Legislation/regulations fully implementing the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk substitutes

 14 Mandatory physical education in all government schools

 15 National program(s) contributing to childhood obesity prevention (COP) efforts

The HCC developed the Childhood Obesity Prevention Scorecard or COPS to facilitate strengthened awareness of national policy responses to childhood obesity across the Caribbean Community as part of the monitoring and evaluation component of the HCC Civil Society Action Plan for Preventing Childhood Obesity in the Caribbean.

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