The Antigua and Barbuda NNCDC

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The Antigua and Barbuda NNCDC
Commission Profile
Status as at June 2019In Development
CountryAntigua and Barbuda
NameThe Antigua and Barbuda NNCDC
Date of first meeting-
Date of last meeting-
Number of meetings over past 12 months-
Chairperson’s nameDr. Leslie Walwyn
Organisational affiliation-
Duration of tenure-
Legal authority/reference-
Mandate/Scope of work-
Terms of reference-
Conflict of interest policy-
Code of ethics-
Standard operating procedures-
NNCDC strategic plan/plan of action-
Decision-making process (consensus, majority, other)-
Membership and Personnel-
Government sector membership and level of representation-
Civil society membership and level of representation-
Private sector membership and level of representation-
Ex officio members-
Secretariat exists? If so, please give date of establishment-
Full-time human resources/functions-
Part-time human resources/functions-
Main functions (advisory, accountability, strategic planning, project/programme implementation, other)-
Main areas of interventions for NCDs and NCD risk factors-
Other health issues that the NCD/Wellness Commission /Wellness Coordinating Mechanism addresses-
Framework(s) of reference (national policy, strategy or plan; international plans/strategies)-
Focus of interventions (legislation, taxation, policy development, project/programme development, project/programme implementation, capacity building, surveillance, monitoring and evaluation, other)-
Work groups/subcommittees/task forces and their functions-
Accountability mechanisms (periodicity of monitoring, evaluation, reporting, and to whom; financial accountability mechanisms)-
Main successes-
Success factors-
  • Were there any successes due mainly to the participation of non-health sectors in the Commission?
  • If yes, please summarize, highlighting the role played by the non-health sector(s)
Main challenges-
How were these challenges overcome? Specifically:
  • Did changes in administration disrupt the Commission’s functioning?
  • If yes, what were these changes and their effects?
  • If no, how was continuity of function maintained? What steps were taken?
Partnerships, technical cooperation (TC) – please summarize partners and relevant TC areas-
Main source(s) of funding and approximate percentage of funding from each source-
Indicative annual budget (USD)-
Resource mobilisation, main areas-
Mechanisms for sustainability-
HCC AND COMSEC National NCD Commission Consultation in Antigua

A three day NCD Commission Consultation meeting in Antigua & Barbuda (ATG), 8-10 August 2016, provided an opportunity to continue COMSEC’s technical cooperation (TC) with Ministries of Health in Caribbean countries to establish/strengthen multisectoral National Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) Commissions (NNCDCs), as recommended in the 2007 Port of Spain Declaration on NCDs by the CARICOM Heads of Government. The TC began with an assessment of NNCDCs in September 2015, which was done in partnership with the HCC and led to the publication of the document “A Civil Society Report on National NCD Commissions in the Caribbean – Towards a More Effective Multisectoral Response to NCDs, Part I“. Subsequently, in response to an identified need to provide guidance to Commissions for their establishment and strengthening, the COMSEC-HCC partnership produced the draft document “A Framework for the Establishment and Strengthening of National NCD Commissions – Towards a More Effective Multisectoral Response to NCDs, Part II“.

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National NCD Commission Consultation in Antigua

Members of the Antigua and Barbuda Wellness Committee

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