National Commission for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases in Guyana

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National Commission for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases in Guyana
Commission Profile
Status as at June 2019Active
NameNational Commission for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases in Guyana
Date of first meetingSeptember 2014 launch
Date of last meetingAugust 2017
Number of meetings over past 12 monthsThe Commission plans to meet quarterly
Chairperson’s nameDr. Shamdeo Persaud
TitleChief Medical Officer
Organisational affiliation-
Duration of tenure-
Legal authority/reference-
Mandate/Scope of workAdvocacy, advise on policy / legislation / programmes, implementation of programmes, resource mobilization, monitoring and evaluation and research
Terms of referenceNo
Conflict of interest policyNo
Code of ethicsNo
Standard operating proceduresNo
NNCDC strategic plan/plan of actionNo
Decision-making process (consensus, majority, other)-
Membership and Personnel3 Ex-Officio and 23 members
Government sector membership and level of representationMinistries of Education, Youth Sports & Culture, Labour, human Services & Social Security, Local Government, Tourism, Industry & Commerce, Agriculture, Finance, and a representative from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation
Civil society membership and level of representationTrade Union, Consumer Protection Organizations, Professional Health Organisations, Health NGOs, University of Guyana, Canada-Guyana Medical Coalition, Guyana Faith-based Coalition. On rotation: Community-based organizations and Service Organizations
Private sector membership and level of representationGuyana Media Association
International organizationsPAHO/WHO, UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) and UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund)
Ex officio membersChief Medical Officer, NCD Coordinator and Chief Nursing Officer
Secretariat exists? If so, please give date of establishmentNo
ResourcesA secretariat will be established to support the work of the NCD Commission. It will be based at the Ministry of Health and be responsible for the planning, implementation and reporting on the Commission’s Program of Work. It will prepare an annual budget and work program for the Commission’s approval and funding, through the Agency Budget of Health. The secretariat will employ the necessary staff, on approval of the Commission, through the Public Services Contractual programme.
Full-time human resources/functionsNo
Part-time human resources/functionsNo
Main functions (advisory, accountability, strategic planning, project/programme implementation, other)-
Main areas of interventions for NCDs and NCD risk factors-
Other health issues that the NCD/Wellness Commission /Wellness Coordinating Mechanism addresses-
  • Is there integration – structural or functional, with other health-related Commissions, such as HIV Commissions?
  • If so, to what extent? Fully? To a large extent? To some extent?
Framework(s) of reference (national policy, strategy or plan; international plans/strategies)-
Focus of interventions (legislation, taxation, policy development, project/programme development, project/programme implementation, capacity building, surveillance, monitoring and evaluation, other)-
Work groups/subcommittees/task forces and their functionsThere will be sub-committees on different topics which can engage external experts if necessary
Accountability mechanisms (periodicity of monitoring, evaluation, reporting, and to whom; financial accountability mechanisms)Occurs every 2 years
Main successes-
Success factors-
  • Were there any successes due mainly to the participation of non-health sectors in the Commission?
  • If yes, please summarize, highlighting the role played by the non-health sector(s)
Main challenges-
How were these challenges overcome? Specifically:
  • Did changes in administration disrupt the Commission’s functioning?
  • If yes, what were these changes and their effects?
  • If no, how was continuity of function maintained? What steps were taken?
Partnerships, technical cooperation (TC) – please summarize partners and relevant TC areasNone
Main source(s) of funding and approximate percentage of funding from each sourceNone
Indicative annual budget (USD)None
Resource mobilisation, main areasNone
Mechanisms for sustainabilityNone
Guyana Committed to Strengthening the Region’s only Presidential NCD Commission

June 26-27, 2018, political leaders in Guyana, including Hon. Moses V. Nagamootoo, Prime Minister and First Vice-President; Hon Minister of Public Health, Volda Lawrence; and Minister in the Ministry of Public Health, Hon. Dr. Karen Cummings – have galvanised around the Guyana Presidential National NCD Commission, committing their full support to its success. Guyana demonstrated significant commitment to a multlisectoral NCD response by establishing the only Presidential National NCD Commission (NNCDC) in the Caribbean.

The Commission was initially established in 2014 and re-established in 2017 after a change of administration. The PAHO Guyana office is working with the Ministry of Public Health to provide technical assistance and capacity building to the NNCDC.

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Guyana Presidential NCD Commission

Courtesy Call to the Hon. Moses V. Nagamootoo, Prime Minister and First Vice-President of Guyana. (L to R: Dr. Karen Roberts, Maisha Hutton, Executive Director HCC, Hon. Volda Lawrence, Minister of Public Health, Guyana, Hon. Moses V. Nagamootoo, Prime Minister and First Vice-President of Guyana, Sir Trevor Hassell, President HCC, Dr. William Adu Krow, PAHO WHO Representative and Dr. Kavita Singh)

Guyana National NCD Commission Study Tour to Barbados

In June 2018, with the support of the Guyana PAHO Country Office, the HCC hosted members of the Guyana National NCD Commission for a 2 day Study Tour aimed at learning more about the experiences of the Barbados National NCD Commission. The Guyana team consisted of: Dr. Shamdeo Persaud (CMO Ministry of Health Guyana), Dr. Kavita Singh (NCD focal point Guyana MOH); Delicia Haynes; and Dr. Karen Roberts (Specialist, Non-Communicable Diseases and Family Health, PAHO).

This is part of HCC’s larger effort to support the strengthening of the multisectoral response to NCDs in the region through support to these multisectoral platforms mandated through the 2007 Port of Spain Declaration. Both the St. Lucia and the Grenada NCD Commissions have undertaken similar exchanges to visit the Barbados National NCD Commission which has been chaired by Sir Trevor Hassell since its formation in 2007, and in this time has held 100+ meetings and enjoyed uninterrupted tenure.

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Guyana National NCD Commission Study Tour to Barbados

The Guyana team in a meeting with the Barbados National NCD Commission commissioners: David Neilands, Prof. Alafia Samuels and Gabby ‘Orlando’ Scott

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